About me

Hi there,anna-osullivan

Thanks for stopping by, this page is a little bit about me and why I write this blog.

When I was at school I didn’t even know ‘communications’ existed as a job type, let alone that I would one day end up with a role in this industry and be writing a blog about it.

But I always knew I wanted to work with words. Getting lost in crafting a story is one of the most rewarding things of all. That moment when you crack a phrase or a paragraph that you’ve been struggling to articulate and it just seems to flow on the page exactly as you’d hoped in your mind.

My great love has been words for as long as I can remember. Ever since Miss Rittman taught me joined-up writing at primary school, perhaps even before that. Journalism seemed the perfect career path, and a spell of work experience at the age of 14 with the local newspaper confirmed this for me. Several years later I found myself with a full-time job as a reporter.

Local reporting led to a role in a press office in 2006, then later to a widened role as a communications officer working on external and internal communications.

I now focus on internal communications and employee engagement – using words to change behaviour. But now, working with words is just part of what I do – and I couldn’t imagine it any other way. I love how the industry I work in continues to evolve and grow, giving me the opportunity to continually learn and grow too. Where I’ve worked has also contributed to the way I work; along the way I’ve spent four years in Australia for example, adding another perspective.

This blog is an opportunity for me to explore all of the new skills required as a comms professional today and the challenges we face in making a difference.

Of course, writing a blog is also about my love of crafting a story. It’s about that original love for words that I had from a young age.

I hope you enjoy!


You can find me on LinkedIn: Anna O’Sullivan and follow me on Twitter @annavosullivan


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